His Excellency the Governor and Lady Bosanquet have signified their intention to be present at the South Australian Bulldog Club Championship Show to be held on the Adelaide Racecourse in the saddling paddock on Saturday, May 3. The South Australian Bulldog Club have received, further support from oversea kindred clubs. The latest trophies to hand for their forthcoming show are Cardiff and District Bulldog Club, South Wales, two silver spoons, North London Bulldog Club Association, two club bronze medals. In the case of both gifts, it has been left to the South Australian Bulldog Club Committee’s discretion regarding the class to which they shall be awarded. (The Mail Sat 22 Feb 1913)

The farewell smoke social to Messrs. F. W. Marshall and R. Wemyss, two of the most prominent members of the South Australian Bulldog Club, will be held at the Exchange Hotel on Friday next. The committee are hopeful that there will be a full attendance of members to give the guests a cordial send-off Mr. Marshall, who is one of the founders of the club, is leaving the State to reside in England, and his departure will occasion wide-spread regret among fanciers. He is a popular man among breeders and has carried out a lot of work in his efforts to make the dog a general favorite. Mr. Wemyss, ex-hon. treasurer, and registrar of the club, intends to visit England, and he will carry with him the good wishes of his fellows for an enjoyable trip and a safe return. (The Express and telegraph Sat 8 Mar 1913)

The schedule of the South Australian Bulldog Club’s third championship is to hand, and its careful perusal provides evidence that the bulldog men are going to put up a record so far as a show of Bulldogs is concerned. These are the items that back up the statement. All the classes (there Will be 19) will be thrown open to all comers, it is believed, for the first time in Australia. There will be six new classes viz., Junior, Australian bred and South Australian bred for dogs and bitches in each case. No less than 13 clubs are supporting the show. and they include England, Ireland. Scotland, and Wales, and New South Wales and Western Australia. The tie that binds is invisible, but its existence is unmistakable. The plums for the members include 19 special trophies, and the keen character of the competition may be gauged by the fact that the Amgoorie Cup (to be won three times before becoming the property of the exhibitor) has been offered seven times and won by seven different exhibitors. Should any man doubt that the abovenamed items constitute a bulldog record, now is the time for him to arise and say so. (The Journal Sat 15 Mar 1913)

The entries for the S.A. Bulldog Club’s Show on May 3 closed last night. Full details are not yet to hand, but it is believed that in point of entries and number of dogs the next show will establish a record. As was expected, the champion Sydney dog Centurion (imp.) has been catered, and Mr. Rich will come down with him. It will be a trial for the dog to make such a long journey by rail, but his owner may be depended upon to take every care which, no doubt, will include a day’s spell in Melbourne on the way, and it may be expected that Centurion will arrive in Adelaide a week or so before the show to give him a chance to pull himself together. The local champion Tommy Burns has also been entered. He has never been defeated, but on May 3 will meet the hottest competition in his ring career. His owner. Mr. J, Arthur, has also entered The Maluka. Wulka Peggy, and his recently imported-bitch Kilburn Catch. Mr. C. H. Angas has entered his imported dog Nuthurst Precocity, who was unbeaten in England, and is of exceptional quality. The meeting of these three champions should be worth going miles to see and it is good to know that such a capable bulldog judge as Mr. Nash will decide between them. He has had a very long experience with the breed, and a few months acted as one of the judges at the show of the Bulldog Club, Incorporated, in England. It will be a good sporting action for a Sydney man to bring his dog all the way down to Adelaide, and the local men will heartily congratulate him if his dog should be good enough to win. We want to see our own dogs win of course, but if the Sydney champion is the better dog well, good luck to him and his plucky owner. Centurion’s appearance in the Adelaide ring will mark the introduction of home and home matches. Next October when the N.S.W. bulldog men hold their show one or two of the best Adelaide dogs will be sent up to compete, and it is hoped that the interstate competition will not be allowed to cease. (The Journal Sat 22 Mar 1913)

Unfortunately, the weather was cold and wintry, and rain fell during the morning on Saturday last when the South Australian Bulldog Club held their third Championship Show in the saddling paddock of the Victoria Park Racecourse. Yet this notwithstanding, during the afternoon the ringside was crowded with an interested throng. The entries were good, and the exhibits showed marked improvement on those of previous years. The show was a success in every shape and form, and the committee are to be congratulated on their achievement.

The show drew a fashionable attendance, being patronised by his Excellency the Governor and Lady Bosanquet. The management was admirable, and the trouble taken promptly to record the results, so that all patrons could enter up their programmes, was much appreciated. The ring steward (Mr. S H. P Gent) and the judge’s steward (Mr. D. M. Mack) were energetic, and the show managers (Messrs. J. H. Potter. J. S. Scott, and J. H. Ward) had all details carefully planned, so that there was no hitch. The judge (Mr. A. F. Nash) at the conclusion of the day remarked that this was the first show he had attended since his return from England, and he was pleased to note the influence of the later importations. Mr. J. A. Cardwell, as bench steward, and Mr. A. R. J. Halifax, as secretary’s assistant, did much towards meeting the convenience of exhibitors. The outcome must have been gratifying to the president (Mr. C. H. Angas), the committee (Messrs. J. H. Potter, chairman), J. H. Ward, J. S, Scott, C T. McGlew, H. C. P. Gent, and J. A. Cardwell), the veterinary-surgeon (Veterinary Surgeon Desmond), and genial secretary (Mr. J. H. Ward, for it was, as a beaten exhibitor described the display, “the best show of bulldogs ever held in the State.” There were 46 dogs benched, and entries totalled 133.


Novice dogs were the first to face the judge (Mr. A. F. Nash). Mr. Harold E. Reid scored with Broadway Dan, a fawn puppy, short back, and loose skin, with splendid bone, very good gait and ought to make into a good dog. Dan is by the imported Danny Patch ex Woodspring Beauty. Mr. G. E. Martin’s Rhuvan’s Tom Keane was placed second. He loses in head and face properties and is also rather light in bone. He was well beaten by the winning dog in body. Dr. A. P. E. O’Leary’s Broadway Patch filled third place. He is a good-boned puppy, heavy in ear, long in face, and not particularly sound. Broadway Dan also won the baby puppy dog, puppy dog and the South Australian bred puppy dog classes with the minor classes the same.

Junior Dog: small entry. Mr. J. D. Linehan’s Avondale Prince won well. He has good bone and fair headpiece. S. Keyne’s Rocco Comet second, S. H. Fisher’s Rocco Planet third.

Australian-bred Dog: Ch. Tommy Burns stood out, his kennel mate The Maluka being runner-up, and Arondale Prince secured third honours.

Open Class Dog: Great interest centred around the open class. Here Mr. G. H. Angas brought in Nuthurst Precocity, bred by Mrs. Edgar Waterlow, of England. Messrs. Rich and Wilkins, of Sydney, exhibited Centurion, another imported dog, bred by Mr. J. Clarke in England, and our local champion Tommy Burns was up against the two importations. They were carefully handled by the judge and placed in the order named, Nuthurst Precocity taking the championship. Precocity stood out for his general appearance and solidness, with splendid bone, low to the ground, and shown in perfect condition. Centurion loses to the winner in shortness of face and squareness of muzzle, also in bone. Tommy Burns is light in bone and a little on the leg, but a wonderfully topped dog with good headpiece; wants more substance and was beaten by both dogs in coat. Precocity, a white dog by Maybank Mayor (Hazelmere Prince x Ch. Silent Duchess) ex Nuthurst Freedom (Roysterer x Nuthurst Choice). Centurion is by Ch. Centaur (Jim Cerberus x Compassion), ex Consolation (Lord Hesketh x Companion).

Graduate Dog: Dr. A. P. F. O’Leary’s Broadway Patch had things his own way and broke his duck. C. E. Martin’s Rhuvan Swank was second, C. E. Martin’s Rhuvan’s Sandy McNab third.

Novice Bitch: Mr. J.  A. Cardwell’s Sweet Lavender had an easy win and is a nice quality bitch. J. Arthur’s Kilburn Catch (imp), J. H. Porter’s Woodspring Beauty third.

Baby Puppy Bitch: Three faced the music and the judge quickly selected Mr. C. E. Martin’s Rhuvan’s Domino for first place. This puppy shows promise and scored over her kennel companion Rhuvan’s Crib. Mr. A. K. Wotton’s Ophelia acted as whipper-in.

Puppy Bitch: Mr. J. Arthur’s Wulka Peggy just won from Mr. H. E. Strang’s Peggy Royal, and. Mr. C. E. Martin’s ‘baby’ Rhuvan’s Domino, filled third position. Both Wulka Peggy and Peggy Royal look like making into good bitches. Mr. Arthur’s Wulka Peggy also won the South Australian bred puppy bitch class.

Junior Bitch: This was won by Mr. J. H. Potter’s Bronzewing. She has good bone, low to the ground, splendid body, with a good square head. Her kennel mate Woodspring Beauty was runner-up, and Mrs. M. Claxton’s Balmayne Betty acted as whipper-in. ‘

Australian bred Bitch: This class gave the judge some hard thinking, and Mr. C. E. Martin’s Rhuvan’s Wag just got home from Mr. J. A. Cardwell’s Sweet Lavender. Wag has a good broken up face, fair head properties and wrinkle, nice and close to the ground, a little long in the back. This bitch moved well in the ring.

Open Class: This was a hot class. No fewer than five imported ones toed the mark. Here again Mr. Angas won with the imported Kilburn Caramel. Messrs J. H. Potter arid C. H. Angas’s Wroxham Vanessa (imp.) secured second place, with Rhuvan’s Wag in third place. Caramel is a good cloddy bitch, splendid bone, plenty of wrinkle, good front, wanting in head, and a great shower! Wroxham Vanessa should be most useful and certainly one of the best bred bitches ever sent to Australia, and looks an ideal brood bitch. Caramel is by Kilburn Captain (Captain Broadlea x Jenny Jackson) ex Kilburn Jess (Dreadnought x Chance It).

Graduate Bitch: In a weak field Mr. J. W. Hoskin scored with Avondale Princess. E. Cusseltine’s Fifteen Six was second.

Brace Class: Mr. G. H. Angas concluded a most successful day by securing first with his challenge winners Nuthurst Precocity and Kilburn Caramel. J. Arthur was second with C. E. Martin third.

Team Class: J. Arthur first, C. E. Martin second and J. H. Porter third.

Litter Class: Mr. A. S. Richardson secured the coveted award with a nice quality litter, little heavy in ear, well grown, and a credit to their sire, Kynettcha Crib (imp.).

Special Prizes.

SAPKC Challenge certificate for best dog in show, C. H. Angas, with Nuthurst Precocity (imp.)
SAPKC Challenge certificate, for best bitch in show, C. H. Angas, with Kilburn Caramel (imp.)
Club’s Challenge cup, for best dog in show, C. H. Angas
Club’s Challenge bowl, for best bitch in show, C. H. Angas
The Amgoorie Cup, for best puppy dog. H. E. Reid
The Fry’s Cup, for best puppy bitch, J. Arthur
The Angas breeders cup, for best puppy dog, J. H. Potter
The Angas breeder’s cup, for best puppy bitch, J. Arthur
The breeder’s trophy, J. H. Potter
The Lever’s trophy, for best brace, C. H. Angas
The Ch. Silent Duchess Trophy, for best exhibit in show, C. H. Angas
The Bulldog Club of Ireland silver medal, for best exhibit in show. C. H. Angas
The Bulldog Club of New South Wales trophy for best Australian-bred dog, J. Arthur
The Bulldog Club of New South Wales trophy for best Australian-bred bitch, C. E. Martin
The Shirley trophy, for best novice bitch, J. A. Cardwell
The Medindie John trophy, for best novice dog, H. E. Reid
The. Stone trophy, for best litter, A. S. Richardson
The Osborne’s trophy, for best South Australian-bred puppy dog, H. E. Reid
The Osbome’s trophy, for best South Australian-bred puppy bitch, J. Arthur
The McGlew trophy, for breeder of best puppy dog, J. H. Potter
The McGlew trophy, for breeder of best puppy bitch, J. Arthur
The Wilkin’s trophy, for second-best exhibit in Show, Rich & Wilkins.

(The Mail and Chronicle Sat 10 May 1913)

Mr. J. H. Potter had quite a field day at the club’s show, winning for the third time the breeders’ trophy, and is now the proud possessor of the much-coveted trophy, also the Angas Breeders’ Cup for the best puppy dog. Mr. Potter had previously won it twice, and now through the agency of that promising puppy Broadway Dan the cup will now become his property. Mr. Potter has been a hard and fast supporter of the national breed for many years, and his sole aim has always been for the betterment of the dog. His success he richly deserves. Mr. R. Rich left by the Melbourne express on Monday accompanied by his dog Centurion. Mr. Rich is a sportsman of the first water, and whilst chatting to the writer said: ‘I am quite satisfied my dog was beaten fairly. The best dog won. This clearly proves that Mr. Rich is not a one-eyed fancier, but unfortunately, we don’t always find them like the Sydney man. The way the show was conducted was a revelation to Mr. Rich.

The chairman of the South Australian Bulldog, Club (Mr. J. H. Potter) has received a wireless from Mr. F. W. Marshall, which is as follows: ‘Heartiest wishes successful show. Sincerest regards all members’ Mr. Marshall’s thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated by the members. Secretary Ward has sent a wireless to Mr. Marshall notifying the awards.

Mr. Rich was the guest of the bulldog men on Sunday last and had a most enjoyable motor ride through the hills. Mr. Rich was much charmed with the view seen from Norton’s Summit. Mr. J. Lindley was an interested, spectator at the Bulldog Club Show. It will be remembered that Mr. A. F. Nash purchased Dany Patch, now known as Solid Milestones, from Mr. Lindley in England. Mr. Lindley has accepted the invitation of the Victorian Bulldog Society to judge at their forthcoming show, held on June 21. Mr. Lindley left this week for Mintaro.

Mr. R. Rich has donated £3 3/ to the South Australian Bulldog Club. Probably this will be given as a trophy at their next show. The Angas Breeders’ Cup has been won right out. Mr. C. H. Angas has given another cup to fill the gap. Mr. Angas’s generosity is greatly appreciated by the members. (The Mail and Chronicle Sat 10 May 1913)

The annual dinner of the South Australian Bulldog Club was held at the Exchange Hotel on Friday evening. The president of the club (Mr. C. H. Angas) occupied the chair. The proceedings throughout were of a most enthusiastic nature, and reflected the very greatly enhanced interest which, is now being taken in bulldogs in this State. The dinner was excellent, as is usual at this noted hotel. After the chairman had toasted the King, Col. Beach proposed the breeders, and Mr. J. H. Potter in a good speech responded. Mr. J. S. Scott proposed the winners, and Mr. C. H. Angas suitably responded. The South Australian Bulldog Club was proposed by the president of the South Australian Poultry and Kennel Club (Mr. G. C. Braund) in most complimentary terms, and Mr. J. H. Ward in a humorous speech replied. Dr. A. H. Bennett proposed the losers, and bewailed his misfortune at missing the entries, as he had a dead bird. Mr. C. E. Martin responded and hopes to bob up next year. Mr. D. M. Mack toasted the Judge in his usual happy style, and in apt terms was responded to by Mr. A. F. Nash. The toast of the press was honoured. The musical part of the programme was excellent. Messrs. H. C. P. Gent, J. Arthur, N. James, and J. H. Ward rendered some well-known songs in splendid fashion. Mr. Allert was exceptionally well received, and a most entertaining item of the programme was his sketches. Mr. H. Broadbent acted as accompanist. The function was pronounced a very great success, and no doubt it was one of the best of the many which the club has promoted. At the call of time ‘Oh. What a Night’ was the remark to be heard on all sides of the room. (The Mail and Chronicle Sat 10 May 1913)

The annual show of the Poultry and Kennel Club was concluded at the Exhibition Building on Saturday when there was a good attendance. The Wroxham Raisuli Trophies, for best bulldog puppy. Went to Mr. H. E. Reid, for the dog, and to Mr.H. E. Strang for the bitch. Some fine specimens of the Bulldog were benched. Mr. A. F. Nash (Goodwood Park), with Solid Milestones, was awarded first in the novice and limit classes, while Mr. C. H. Angas, with Nuthurst Precocity, took first honors in the open class.


Novice dog, A. F. Nash; Mrs. K. M. Claxton. Limit, dog, A. F. Nash; H. E. Reid; S. H. Fisher.

Open, dog, C. H, Angas; A. F. Nash; H. E. Reid. Australian bred dog. H. E. Reid; S. H. Fisher. Puppy dog, H. E. Reid; S. H. Fisher. Novice bitch. H. E. Strang. Limit bitch, S. H. Fisher. Open bitch, C. H. Angas, S. H. Fisher. Australian bred bitch, S. H.Fisher. Puppy bitch, H. E. Strang. Brace, S. H. Fisher. (Chronicle Sat 5 Jul 1913)

The fifth annual show of the Port Adelaide Poultry and Dog Society was continued at Port Adelaide on Friday, when dogs and cats were on view. There was a fine selection of bulldogs. Mrs. A. M. Claxton’s bulldog was adjudged to be the best of its class in the show. Bulldog novice, dog, Mrs. E. M. Claxton. Puppy, dog, S. H. Fisher. Open, dog, S. H. Fisher. Bitch, S. H. Fisher’s Carmen Rocco (1 and special) Mrs. K. M. Claxton. Limit; dog, S. H. Fisher. Bitch. S. H. Fraser; Mrs. K. M. Claxton. (The Advertiser Sat 12 Jul 1913)

The bulldog men had two bitches up on Tuesday night, August 26, for point scoring. Wroxham Vanessa (imp.), owned by Messrs. Angas and Potter, was one, and Slinks, owned by Mr. A. Myers, was the other. Mr. A. F. Nash was appointed referee, and all the members present handed in cards. The points were as follow: Vanessa, average of cards 62.5, referee 522.5, and the figures for Slinks were 50.5 and 36 respectively. The club’s President (Mr. C. H. Angas) was in the chair, and a pleasant and instructive evening was spent by those who attended. (Observer Sat 6 Sep 1913)

The South Australian Bulldog Club held its monthly meeting at the Exchange Hotel on Thursday evening, when the imported Bulldogs, Solid Milestones and Nuthurst Precocity were point scored. For this interesting comparison a number of members were present. It seems a pity that lady members and lady fanciers are not invited to attend these competitions for they seldom have an opportunity of seeing our best dogs and going over the points with older and more experienced judges. Both Precocity and Milestones were looking well, and being white in color, neither gained anything by being shown under artificial light. Precocity was shown in grand form, but Milestones is developing into a grand specimen. Mr. J. H. Potter was the usual genial chairman, and in that capacity acted as referee. Perhaps it would have been better if this appointment had been left to the votes of the members present. Some of the members scored both dogs as high as 93 points out of a possible 100. If these dogs could justly be awarded such high percentages, they would be worth £1,500 each, and would never have been seen in Australia. It was like a novice pruning “his first vine. He never cuts it hard enough, and always leaves too much wood. However, members of this club are educating themselves in Bulldog points, so that big mistakes in point judging are excusable, for did not the life-president of the Bulldog Club (Incorporated) make huge blunders when he first started as an adjudicator. The meeting closed with a hearty vote of thanks to Messrs. C. H. Angas and A. P. Nash for sending their dogs to the meeting to be overhauled. (The Express and Telegraph Sat 26 Jul 1913)

There was fine weather for the Spring Show. The fact that challenge (championship) honours are not awarded by the society accounted for a lack of interstate competition but did not have any effect in the matter of reducing local entries. It is the last show of the year, and Adelaide fanciers make a point of being represented at. Mr. D. M. Mack was the judge for the Bulldogs. C. H. Angas’s white dog Nuthurst Precocity (imp) was first, followed by J. Arthur’s brindle dog, Ch. Tommy Burns, the third place being filled by A. R. Wotton’s dark brindle Wroxham Silencer (imp.). In puppy dogs S. T. Small’s brindle Clifton Rhodorah was first, a fair type of dog. but light in bone, while H. F. Reid’s fawn dog Broadway Dan was second, the latter being a big-boned, massive dog, that will want a lot of time to mature. In the open bitch class the judge made no mistake in giving first to Angas & Potter’s Wroxham Vanessa (imp) and second to Osborne & van Senden’s Wroxham Vonesta (imp), J. Arthur’s brindle bitch Kilburn Catch (imp.) running into third. (The Register Fri 12 Sep 1913)

Mr. J. Arthur Disqualified – In a report submitted by the dog and poultry committee at a meeting of the council of the Royal Agricultural Society on Wednesday appeared the following: “An exhibitor at the recent show was brought before the committee for improper conduct which he did not deny; vis impugning the judge and using abusive language to members of the committee. The committee recommends that the exhibitor be requested to appear before the council under rule 12 with reference to his alleged improper conduct.” The exhibitor concerned (Mr. J. Arthur) made a statement to the council and at its conclusions the Hon. W. B. Rounsevell moved and Mr. G. R. Leffer seconded “That after having heard the charge against Mr. Arthur and his explanation, this council resolves that J. Arthur be disqualified from exhibiting at any of our shows for 12 months from today”. This was agreed to. (The Journal Wed 24 Sep 1913)


The seventh annual report of the South Australian Bulldog Club has been circulated among members by the hon. secretary, Mr. J. H. Ward, on behalf of the committee. It states: The club’s progress for the year under review has been steady, and fully sustained. The membership now totals 94. The committee congratulates the members on the complete success of the third annual championship show, held on May 5 last. Satisfaction must be expressed that the ruling body, the South Australian Poultry and Kennel Club, granted a championship title to the fixture, which must assure members that the committee have conducted, the affairs of the club to the complete satisfaction of the ruling body. The club’s sincere thanks are due to the officials of the Adelaide Racing Club for their courtesy in throwing open the saddling paddock at Victoria Part Racecourse. The courtesy extended to the members accounted to a great extent for the success achieved. The committee arranged for 19 classes, and a new departure was introduced in throwing all classes open to all classes. One hundred and thirty-three entries were received, consisting of 46 exhibits. Considerable interest was aroused through New South Wales being represented by Mr. Rich’s Centurion (imp). Your committee recall with pleasure an advance in quality of the dogs benched and feel sure the next show must still mark a further improvement. The committee’s heartiest thanks are due to Mr. A. F. Nash for the able manner in which he discharged the onerous duties as judge, and the committee congratulate Mr. Nash on the reception his awards were given. The committee heartily congratulate Mr. C. H. Angas on winning both the dog championship challenge bowl and certificate, also championship certificate and challenge cup lor bitch, with Nuthurst Precocity (imp.) and Kilburn Caramel (imp.) respectively and also Mr. J. H. Potter on winning the breeders’ trophy; also Mr. J. H. Reid, Amgoorie cup; Mr. J. Arthur, Fry’s cup, Mr. J. H. Potter, Angas dog cup; Mr. J. Arthur, Angas bitch cup; Mr. C. H. Angas, the Lever’s trophy; Mr. C. H. Angas, the Ch. Silent Duchess trophy; and Mr. A. S. Richardson, the Stone trophy. Two new trophies were offered for the first time, and were won by Mr. J. H. Caldwell, the Shirley trophy, Mr. J. H. Reid, the Medindie John trophy.

Your committee record with pleasure and extend the club’s heartiest thanks to Mr. F. A. Wilson and Mr. Reid (of Sydney) for their practical support in providing trophies for best dog and bitch, which will be offered for the first time at the annual show, 1914. The annual dinner, held on May 9, was successful in every way, but the faces of Messrs. Marshall and Wemyss were missed from the festive board. Evening point-scoring meetings have been held, and the committee note with pleasure an increased interest being taken, and also the number of breeders increasing. It is with deep regret your committee record the death of Kilburn Caramel (imp.) and tender the club’s sympathy with Mr. C. H. Angas. This loss is more severe when members appreciate the number of enquiries into South Australia from other Australian States tor puppies of imported strains. Your committee heartily commends the action of Mr. C. H. Angas in showing Nuthurst Precocity (imp.) in Melbourne, where he scored the highest honours, and won his championship title. The committee deeply regret that the club was not represented at the Bulldog Club of New South Wales show, held in October last, as had been anticipated. The incoming committee will have to consider the policy of members not being allowed to exhibit at unaffiliated shows outside the State of South Australia unless liable for disqualification. Your committee regret the departure of the chairman of the club since the inception (Mr. F. W. Marshall). It was a distinct loss to the club. The members, however, will feel confident that Mr. Marshall will keep the South Australian Bulldog Club well before the Bulldog world in the. old country. Mr. Marshal], on his departure, was mode a honorary life member of the club, as a token of appreciation for the work and advice he had so generously given to the club. Your committee have also missed the services for the year under review of the late hon. treasurer and hon. registrar (Mr. Robert Wemyss) during- his sojourn in Scotland; but look forward with anticipation that he will again offer his valuable services on his return to the State. The committee regret that Mr. R. E. P. Osborne resigned his seat on the committee, anil invited Mr. J. A. Cardwell to accept the vacant seat, which was accepted; and also recall with regret the resignation of Mr. A. H. Nash from the committee. As the heavy work of the show was over when Mr. Nash’s resignation was accepted, the committee did not fill the vacant seat. Your committee desire to record their appreciation of the work carried out on the committee since the inception of the club by Messrs. J. H. Potter and J. H. Ward, and regret circumstances do not enable them to offer their services for the coming year. The committee also desire to record the valuable assistance and advice rendered by the club’s veterinary surgeon (Mr. Desmond).

The club’s hearty thanks are due to the following Bulldog Clubs, who supported; the championship show, and tbc members will appreciate the good fellowship that exists between the various clubs: The Bulldog Club, Incorporated, England; The British Bulldog Club, England; The Yorkshire Bulldog Club, England; the Forfarshire and District Bulldog Club, Scotland; the Bulldog Club of Ireland. Ireland; the Cardiff and District Bulldog Club, South Wales; the Liverpool and District Bulldog Club, England; the North London Bulldog Association, England: the East Anglican Bulldog Club, England; The Bulldog Club of New South Wales; the Bristol and West of England Bulldog Club, England; the Western Australian Bulldog Club, Western Australia; the Midlands and Counties Bulldog Club, England: also the following gentlemen who supported the show: Messrs. J. W. Marshall, C. T. McGlew, R. K. P. Osborne, J. S. Scott, and A. W. Wilkins (Sydney). (The Mail Sat 8 Nov 1913)