A New Bulldog Club.

A correspondent sends the following: “A meeting of bulldog fanciers was held at Melvin Chambers, on Monday, May 14, when Mr. W. Perry presided. He stated that the meeting had been called for the purpose of reforming the British Bulldog Club of S.A. and such to be affiliated with the S.A. Kennel Association. After discussion by various speakers, it was decided to adopt such a course, and that the annual subscription should be 7/6-. There was a good attendance, and 18 members were enrolled. It was decided to adopt the rules and colours of the old British Bulldog Club. Several trophies and cash prizes were promised by members for the first show, to be held on a date to be fixed. The meeting adjourned until May 28, when it is expected the membership will have been increased. Mr. Perry, in thanking those for attending, said the large gathering augured well for the club’s future.” (The Journal Sat 19 May 1923) The following were proposed as officers and committee: Chairman, Mr. W. Perry; hon. secretary, Mr. Garnett; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. H. Slater; hon. veterinary surgeon, Mr. W. Perry; delegates to Kennel Association, Messrs. J. Carey and C. G. H. Garnett; committee, Mesdames Hill. Carey, and Claxton and Messrs. Bergstrom, Perry, Slater, and Carey, with power to add; hon. auditors, Messrs. A. J. Wooton and T. F. Haimes. (The Mail Sat 19 May 1923)

New Bulldog Club: From C. G. Beal (hon. secretary pro tem.): The British Bulldog Club of South Australia held another enthusiastic meeting at Mr. W. Perry’s rooms on Wednesday evening. Mr. Perry was in the chair, and several new members were enrolled. Mr. W. Hillson was unanimously elected to the secretaryship. Mrs. George promised a trophy, and others will follow. Judging from the enthusiasm shown this club is going the right way to be among the first specialist clubs of this State. It is the intention to apply Io the South Australian Kennel Association for affiliation and members will then have an opportunity of showing with the Poultry and Kennel Club, the Ladies’ Kennel Club, the Canine Fanciers’ Club, and the Port Adelaide Poultry and Dog Society, as well as the Royal. (The Mail Sat 2 Jun 1923)

At a recent meeting of the 5.A. Kennel Association (Mr. C. H. Phillips, presiding) Mr. J. Weston of the Canine Fanciers Club. was welcomed by the chairman as a new delegate in place of Mr. E. Phelps. (Other business took place) The British Bulldog Club’s application for affiliation was granted. (The Mail Sat 21 Jul 1923)

A general meeting was held on Thursday, November 29. Mr. D. O’Leary occupied the chair, and explained that the meeting was principally called for the purpose of point judging, and that Mr. W. Perry had been appointed instructor. Mr. C. W. G. Woods -was unanimously elected president of the club, and Mr. J. F. Willaimson was appointed secretary. Mr. J. J. Carey and the secretary were appointed delegates to the S.A. Kennel Association. The secretary read the standard scale of points as adopted by the club, and Mr. Perry explained on Mrs. Carey’s bitch ‘Girlie’ the value of the points compared with the standard scale, and lucidly illustrated both good and bad points on the bitch. Mr. Perry later compared the bitch with Mrs. Holzbergers dog ‘Sturdy Dick,’ explaining where one would score points over the other. Members were then requested by the lecturer to ask what questions they desired in reference to the dogs and the points which they might not be clear on. These were answered by Mr. Perry. Mr. Carey moved and Mrs. Hill seconded a vote of thanks to Mr. Perry for the instructive and interesting lecture he bad given, which would no doubt be of much benefit. Mr. Perry also gave a brief outline of ring Judging. It was resolved that an ugly man competition be held for the purpose of raising funds, and the matter was left in the hands of the secretary to have cards distributed to the members. (The Mail Sat 8 Dec 1923)