British Bulldog Club. “Fancier” writes: “This club, which in 1923 was formed out of the old club of that name, has a membership of some very keen fanciers, whose dogs are among the best that money can buy. The club meetings are well. attended, and the lectures are much enjoyed, for the owners are out to learn all they can for the benefit of their favourites. This club, which is affiliated with the S.A. Kennel Association, is making its existence felt by the increased number of dogs exhibited at all affiliated shows, some cups having been competed for and won after an interval of 11 years. Although not yet having held an exclusive show, members have won prizes and challenge certificates at the Canine Fanciers’ Club, Ladies’ Kennel Club, Poultry and Kennel Club, Port Adelaide and Royal Agricultural shows; as well as at country shows. Point-judging classes have been well attended, and a presentation collar subscribed by members for the first bulldog to go through for a challenge from the club was awarded to Mrs. Carey’s fine, bitch, Ch. Brixton G. Betty. A show will be held by this club at an early date, and trophies for the various classes have been promised by every member, so that a successful show is assured. (Observer Sat 21 Feb 1925)


From G. H. Smith, Hon. Secretary: An instructive lecture on the Bulldog was given by Mr. W. Avery (the well-known judge and owner of the late Bloodstone) on Saturday evening at -Mrs. K. M. Claxton’s residence, Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide. Show preparation and ringcraft were first of all dealt with, and proved interesting, some good hints being given. Mrs. Carey’s two bitches were then used to illustrate the different points and terms used for the Bulldog. Mr. Avery asked Messrs. T. Mathews and G. H. Smith to point judge the two bitches. Mr. Avery was assisted by Mr. Curnow, and he questioned the two judges on how they arrived at their decisions. A hearty vote of thanks was tendered to Mr. Avery by the members. A dainty supper was provided by Mrs. Claxton, and all agreed that it was an instructive and enjoyable evening. (The Mail Sat 26 Sep 1925)

BRITISH BULLDOG CLUB OF S.A. From G. H. Smith, hon, secretary: A meeting of the British Bulldog Club of South Australia was held on Thursday at S7 Jeffcott Street, North Adelaide. There was a record attendance. The following officers were elected: President, Mr. P. Shaw; vice-president, Mr. T. Mathews; committee, Messrs. J. Holden, F. M. Francis, R. Morrison, T. Mathews, H. Rance, E. Karney B. H. Mead; hon. solicitor and auditor Mr. Mortimer; hon. veterinary surgeon, Mr. S. J. Kneebone, B.V.Sc; delegates to Kennel Association, Messrs. J. J. Carey G. H. Smith; hon. registrar, Mrs. K. M. Claxton; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. J. Carey; hon. secretary, Mr. G. H. Smith. (The Mail Sat 3 Oct 1925)

British Bulldog Club: Another lecture, the second of a series arranged by the club, was held on October 27 at Jolly’s Pavilion. City Bridge. Mr. R. Francis took the chair. Another new member was enrolled. Mr. W. Avery (a well-known authority on bulldogs) lectured and demonstrated on two dogs. Now that the club has so many new members who are out to learn all they can about our national dog, it is hoped to hold a parade at an early date. (Observer Sat 14 Nov 1925)

Mrs. H. G. Smith, of West Croydon, has been appointed press correspondent of the British Bulldog Club of South Australia. This body is making progress and claims a large number of young and enthusiastic fanciers. It is the intention sign of genuine aristocracy of the club to hold the annual ball in February. Messrs. G. H. Smith and R. E. McNicholl have been appointed joint secretaries.

Christmas Tree and Social: Members of the British Bulldog Club are organizing a Christmas tree for their children’s benefit, to be held at the secretary’s residence. Mrs. H. G. Smith has promised to provide the refreshments. Games, guessing competitions, and dancing will provide the evening’s amusement. Mr. J. J. Carey will impersonate Father Christmas, and the children will each receive a toy from the tree. (Observer Sat 19 Dec 1925)