Shows and Fun Days


There are All-Breed Dog Shows held most weekends in South Australia. The location most commonly used is David Roche Park in Kilburn, owned by Dogs SA.  However, other places such as Gawler, Adelaide Hills, Monarto, Port Pirie and Mount Gambier among others are also used throughout the year. Only pedigree dogs are permittable to be shown and the owner has to be a Dogs SA member. There are different types of dog shows, the British Bulldog Club hosts one Championship Show and one Open Show annually.

Types of Dog Shows

A Championship Show is an exhibition for registered dogs at which best of breed and challenge certificates are awarded. A best of breed and challenge certificate evidences the number of points awarded at the fixture towards the title of Australian champion. At these shows only qualified judges officiate.

An Open Show is an exhibition of registered dogs at which no best of breed or challenge points are awarded, but dogs which have been awarded the title of Australian Champion may compete. At these shows, trainee judges officiate and it is considered the training ground for all young dogs and owners. It is particularly good to help socialise your dog as you may show your puppy from the age of three months.

A Parade is defined as the same as an open show except Champion dogs cannot compete.

Fun Days are open to everyone who has or just loves Bulldogs. Activities here are aimed at both the social and the fun side of interacting with your Bulldog. They are also a great place for prospective owners to see the various colours and meet and chat with fellow owners and breeders.

FUNDAY – Saturday 4th May 20243

The SA Bulldog club Inc had another amazing Family Fun Day, It went so well and alot of people had such a wonderful day. I would like to thank All that came to enjoy this day. Thank you to my son Aden and his Partner Bianca and his mate Scott and his partner Tahnee, the boys did all the heavy work with setting up, Scott cooked the BBQ. The girls help with all the setting up and packing it all up at the end of the day. Thank you so much. Courtney Lewis did so much talking to all the public about our wonderful breed helping and educating them, and helping around on the day Thank you Courtney you did amazing, Russ Mallyon who came and run the show competition despite he has injured his back and was in so much pain. Thank you Russ, My wonderful Friend Audrey Vandersteen selling raffle ticket and taking the entry money Thank you Lyn Niemann working at the table selling raffle tickets and Barry Tyrrell running off to get more sauce and helping around Thank you, Mary Mcnamara working hard on selling the BBQ food Thank you and A Very Big Thank you goes to Becky Gibb who come out to judge for us, as the Judge Trevor Brown was to ill to judge. THANK YOU Becky Gibb XXX With out you all this show would not have been on. You all are amazing !!!! Thank you XXX. This is what it is all about, families coming to have fun, we raise money and Support SA Bulldog rescue. May they continue !!!!  Regards, Cherie Terry (President)