Five new members -were added to the roll at the annual meeting of the British Bulldog Club, held on March 19, at the residence of Mrs. A. A. Smith, Croydon. The election of officers resulted: Patron, Mr. W. Perry; president. Mr. C. S. Beale; committee, Messrs. T. Bellfield, C. J. Savage, Roberts, Schurgott. and Mesdames Smith and Schurgott; auditors, Messrs. Schurgott and Savage; hon. vet. surgeon. Mr. W. Perry: press correspondent. Mr. W. B. Viney; delegates to S.A. Kennel Association, Messrs. A. Smith and Beale: proxy delegates. Mr. Perry and Mrs. Smith: honorary secretary. Mr. A. A. Smith. It was decided to hold a point judging evening on April 2 at the residence of Mr. J. Schurgott. The committee hope to hold a parade on a date to be fixed. (Observer Thu 3 Apr 1930)

The British Bulldog Club of S.A. held a point-judging evening last week at the residence of Mr. J. Schurgott. Mr. W. Perry gave an instructive lecture on bulldogs. The bulldog for demonstration was provided by Mr. Schurgott. Members greatly appreciated the programme for its educational value and the hospitality of the hostess. (Observer Thu 17 Apr 1930)

Early in the year the S.A. Kennel Association framed a roster of show dates, which was approved by delegates from the respective affiliated clubs. The Canine Fanciers’ Kennel Club, however, made no arrangements to show on the day allotted, and, so far, has not announced its intentions. The British Bulldog Club has also postponed its show, listed for June 7. The hon. secretary (Mr. A. A. Smith) writing explains that this action was considered advisable as the affiliation of the South Australian Bulldog Club is now under discussion. The latter body held its 20th championship show at Victoria Park on Saturday, May 17, when the challenge certificates of the Australasian Associated Bulldog Club’s challenge certificates for best bulldog and bull bitch were won respectively by Mrs. P. J. Powell’s All Quality and Mr. T. W. Pickering’s Tynedale Lass. Amalgamation of the two clubs would strengthen the Bulldog fancy. (Observer Thu 28 May 1930)

BULLDOG UNITY – Amalgamation of Two Clubs

Negotiations for amalgamation are in progress between the two Bulldog Clubs in this State. The matter was referred to at the meeting of the SA. Kennel Association on June 11, when it was reported that everything was proceeding satisfactorily, and that a conference between representatives of the two parties had been suggested. The senior body is the SA. Bulldog Club, which is affiliated with the English Bulldog Club, Incorporated, and the Australian Associated Bulldog Board of Control. This club has held a championship show this year, but its younger rival, the British Bulldog Club of S.A. which is affiliated with the S.A. Kennel Association, has postponed the fourth fixture of the kind pending the results of the negotiations.


The Kennel Association has affiliated with it clubs catering for all breeds, such as the Port Adelaide Poultry and Dog Society, the Canine Fanciers’ Kennel Club, and the Ladies’ Kennel Club, at whose shows only those Bulldogs owned by members of the British Bulldog Club could be exhibited. However, at the last committee meeting of the association, the following resolution was passed: Any affiliated club holding a show whilst negotiations are in progress in respect to the proposed amalgamation, shall be permitted to accept entries from members of both Bulldog Clubs without being in any way” penalised.


William B. Viney, Wright Street, writes: A correspondent recently stressed the value that would be derived from the amalgamation of the S.A. Bulldog Club and the British Bulldog Club of S.A. The writer advocated haste in the matter. I am in absolute accord with those views. The present is a time when our pal, the Bulldog, needs combined best efforts on his behalf. I have said before that this British “gentleman” is with us for all time and is not just a craze of fashion. But we cannot deny the fact that, viewed from a standard of thoroughness, we have not the grand dogs of, say, 20 years ago. Certainly one grand work has been accomplished. All traces have disappeared of the skin trouble that claimed so many fine young dogs of that period. Unfortunately, the alienation has been at the cost of general improvement. Today the financial conditions do not suggest much being done for the breed by way of long overdue importations, so let all concerned come together, and by way of friendly competition see to it that any slipping backwards is arrested. We should use to the fullest opportunities for further improvements by means of the best stock available. (Observer Thu 26 Jun 1930)

The British Bulldog Club of S.A. is small body affiliated with the Kennel Association. The S.A. Bulldog Club affiliated with the Bulldog Club Incorporated (England) and the Australasian Associated Bulldog Board of Control, is a strong independent body with a record of twenty championship shows. Negotiations were proceeding for the amalgamation of these two clubs, but apparently, they have come to a standstill. Writing concerning the advertised annual night show of the premier club the press correspondent states that a large entry from members is expected for this popular show. It was thought that the members of the British Bulldog Club would take part, but the long-drawn-out negotiations for amalgamation nave practically fallen through. For the present the S.A. Bulldog Club intends to carry on as usual and hold its customary functions. Entries for the night show will finally close at the A.N.A. Hall on August 15 when prizes won at the recent championship show will be distributed, and Mr. H. £. Strang, who recently judged the championship show of the British Club of Victoria, will criticise the dogs he saw in Melbourne. (Observer Thu 28 Aug 1930)

There are two controlling or governing bodies for show dogs in Adelaide, and each has several affiliated specialist clubs. The S.A. Poultry & Kennel Club, of which Mr. O. H. Snow, Farrant-street, Prospect, is secretary, has affiliated with it the Adelaide Kennel Club (A. S. Tillett, Ashford, hon. secretary), the S.A. British Terrier Club (Mr. H. E. Kirby, St. Peters, secretary) and the Alsatian Dog Club of S.A. (Mr. B. A. Fallents, Hyde Park). Affiliations with the other governing body, the S.A. Kennel Association (Mr. F. C. Curnow, Ovlngham, hon. secretary), are: Spaniel and Field Dog Club (Mr. F. H. Lang, North Unley); Collie, Pom., and Peke. Club (Mr. C. H. Phillips, McHenry Street); Ladies’ Kennel Club (Mrs. R. King, Torrensville); Canine Fanciers’ Kennel Club (Mr. F. F. Weston, Keswick); S.A. British Bulldog Club (Mr. A. Smith, Croydon); S.A. Alsatian Shepherd Dog Club (Mr. J. W. Elflck, Brighton); Terrier Club of S.A. (Mr. F. C. Curnow, Ovingham). The S.A. Bulldog Club is an Independent one. affiliated with the Australian Board of Control and the English Bulldog Club (Inc.), Mr. F. Powell secretary. The National Coursing Club of S.A. (Mr W. J. Letcher, Eagle Chambers, Firle Street), controls over 60 coursing clubs. The Royal A. & H. Society (Mr. H. J. Flnnis, Waymouth Street, secretary) has a dog section controlled by a committee, with Mr Ben Hall, of Prospect, as chairman. (Chronicle Thu 11 Dec 1930)