A renewal of activities was decided upon by the British Bulldog Club at the February meeting, held at Mr. A. Smith’s residence, Croydon. As a curtain-raiser, for 1931 it was decided to hold a parade in March. New members enrolled included Mr. W. Lang of Adelaide, a young fancier with two young dogs and a bitch and Mr. and Miss Crafter, of Hilton. The last-named holds interests in fine dogs. Mr. A. Smith, who retired recently after some years of useful service as secretary, has been succeeded by Mr. R. W. Viney, who, although only 17 years of age, possesses a sound knowledge of bulldogs and bulldog affairs. (Chronicle Thu 26 Feb 1931)

The application of the British Bulldog Club of S.A. for permission to hold a show on April 4 has been held in abeyance by the S.A. Kennel Association. (Chronicle Thu 19 Mar 1931)

The British Bulldog Club of S.A. met on May 7 at the residence of Mr. A. J. Jones, Halifax Street, Adelaide. Members decided to hold a dance on a date to be advertised. The club regrets postponement of the proposed parade, but the committee is determined to surmount the various obstacles that have unfortunately arisen. The new hon. secretary is Mr. W. Lang, of Allenby Gardens. (Chronicle Thu 21 May 1931)

This is the last article in the TROVE Newspaper Library referring to the British Bulldog Club of S.A.