British Bulldog Club of South Australia: Mr. J. Williams (hon. secretary to the above) sends the following: “A largely attended meeting of the above club was held on Thursday evening. August 28, at Mr. W. Perry’s rooms, Hindley Street. Mr. Perry gave an instructive lecture on bulldogs and point-judged Mrs. J. Carey’s two puppy bitches Ruxton G. Betty and Ruxton G. Joy and outlined and compared the points of both. He intimated that they were both fine specimens. He also point-judged Mrs. G. Smith’s Snowdrop, another promising puppy bitch, and also Mrs. O. Holzberger’s dog Sturdy Dick of Bondi—a noted winner, and the sire of Mrs. Carey’s two fine puppies. At the conclusion of the point judging members were given an opportunity of asking Mr. Perry any questions they were not clear on regarding the dogs. Mr. Carey, in moving a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Perry, expressed the appreciation of members of the club for the instructive lecture, and said he was sure the members had greatly benefited by same. In awarding a blue ribbon, presented by Mrs. K M. Claxton to Mrs. Carey’s puppy Buxton G. Betty. Mr. Perry stated that she thoroughly deserved the ribbon, as the puppy had a successful ring career before her. (Observer Sat 20 Sep 1924)