Mr. W. Perry, patron of the British Bulldog Club, left Adelaide on Monday for Sydney, where he will officiate as judge at the championship show. A record number of bulldogs are to be benched. (Daily Herald Sat 26 Aug 1911)

Mr. W. Perry, of Adelaide, who acted as judge of the recent championship show of the Bulldog Society of New South Wales was given several presentations in Sydney. These were displayed at the meeting of the British Bulldog Club of South Australia on Monday evening. Members congratulated Mr. Perry upon the success of his judging in Sydney, and he was unanimously appointed judge of the Show parade being arranged by the local British Bulldog Club, of which he is patron. (The Advertiser Tue 12 Sep 1911)

The first annual parade of the British Bulldog Club of South Australia, which is affiliated with the Poultry and Kennel Club, held its first annual parade at the corner of Gouger Street and Victoria square on Saturday afternoon. The Hon. E. Klauer. M.L.C. opened the show in the presence of a good attendance and congratulated the club upon the success it was achieving in improving the breed of Bulldogs in the State. Certificates were awarded for the best animals, and there was good competition in four of the nine dresses.  Entries were good, there being thirty-nine in all, and five dogs not for competition. It was the largest bulldog show ever held in this State. The class of dogs was very high, especially in the bitch section, which would have held their own in any competition in Australia. Mr. W. Perry, who acted as judge, had just returned from judging the Sydney champion show.

After the judging was over Mr. Perry gave an exhibition, showing the tenacity and grip of the bulldog. He shook a bag at a small dog which gripped it. He then swung the bag round his head and held it at arm’s length, the dog clinging to it all the time.

The following were the awards:

Puppy dog, under six months: L. Ward’s Lord Hood (Jack Johnson x princess Royal) {second prize).
Novice dog: W. N. Johnson’s Boxer Tommy Burns (Kyneetcha Crib x Carmen), Cooney’s Lord Neptune (Lord Rodney x Lady Majestic), Miss Effie Chandler’s Sky Pilot (Ch Tommy Burns x Bush Belle). Mr. T. B. Griffen’s Toreador (Kyneetcha Crib x Carmen) very highly commended.
Open dog: G. Ritchie’s Lord Collingwood (Perry’s Stepping Stone x Lady Majestic), W. H. Howard’s Lord Revenge (Lord Mick x Lady Majestic), W. N. Johnson’s Boxer Tommy Burns (Kyneetcha Crib x Carmen), F. S. Higham’s Realengo Jorge (Master Donovan x E abstanado), T. C. Pierce’s Lord very highly commended.
Class V: E. G. Myhill’s Myee Vesm, E. G. Myhill’s Myee Nella, (both by Perry’s Stepping Stone x Tarax), H. G. Hogg’s Belle (Medindie John x Bush Belle).
Class VI: Shaw’s Lady Victoria (Stepping Stone x Lubra) (third prize)
Novice bitch: A. S. Richardson’s Princess Royal (Perry’s Stepping Stone x Lady Majestic), Miss D. Brocksopp’s Duchess (Wroxham Raisuli x Dandel on Queenie), F. S. Higham’s Lady Superb (Lord Rodney x Lady Majestic).
Open bitch: A. S. Richardson’s Princess Royal, P. S. Higham’s Lady (Kyneetcha Crib x Carmen), H. Mehrten’s Carmenceta, H. P. William’s Fifteen Two (Kyneetcha Crib x Carmen) jighly commended.
Brace: A. S. Richardson’s Princess Royal and Kia Ora, F. S. Higham’s Lady Superb and Realengo Jorge, J. Davis’ Jack Johnson and San Toy.
Litter: A. G. Kelly (Perry’s Stepping Stone x Lady Pokenose), R. King (Jack Johnson x Bonnie Queen).

The Committee of the club is as follows: Patron, Mr. W. Perry; President, Mr. L. Cohen; chairman, Mr. W. B. Viney; Committee, Messrs. H. R. W. Osborne, R. Hill, R. King, R. O. Law, W. Perry, G. Ritchie, H. Shaw, T. A. Shaw, W. B. Viney. Treasurer, Mr. T. C. Pierce; hon. veterinary surgeon. Mr. Wakeham; and hon. secretary, Mr. M. Claxton. (The Advertiser, Daily Herald Mon 23 October 1911)

“One has to become acquainted with the bulldog to know its and importance and to know what a docile animal one has to deal with. It is a pity that such a faithful and loving animal should be held in such awe by those who are ignorant oi it.” This statement by the recent secretary to the British Bulldog Club of South Australia will be received with suspicion by “nervy” ladies; but the members at the annual meeting of the club on Monday night greeted it with enthusiastic applause. The occasion was the club’s first annual meeting. The attendance was very fair, and the interest manifested excellent. Mr. Bertram S. Fenny presided. The secretary submitted an interesting review of the short but successful history of the club, the details of which have already been referred to from time to time in the press. He added that the work and progress that had been accomplished was extremely encouraging, and the men who had been elected to hold office at the inaugural meeting’ bad remained to be the mainstay and backbone of the club.

Special reference was made to the enthusiastic labors of Mr. W. Perry before the inauguration: of the club. During the first six months different bulldogs were exhibited for tuitional purposes, and the various points of the dogs well discussed, through which means the members became more conversant with and interested in the proper breeding of the dog. The meetings were always wall attended, and at the beginning of August the dub had large entries at the Poultry and Kennel Club’s annual show. Out of 51 entries for the different classes 24 were from club. This went to show that the members were keenly interested in the exhibiting of their dogs, and although some felt that their chances in the competition would not be very strong, yet. from a bulldog standpoint, they wished to make the bulldog section of that show as large and important as possible. For this they deserved the heartiest congratulations of all concerned. The secretary impressed upon members that they should never at any time hold their dogs back from competition because they feared they would not gain the prizes awarded. They should always regard these shows from a broader aspect, that was, their dogs should be exhibited not merely for competition, but for show, in order to allow the general public to have an opportunity of seeing all the different breeds and types of dogs owned by them. It was always well to bear in mind that a show was a show and not a competition. “Greater credit is due to the man who exhibits all he has and does not gain an award,” he said, “than to him who only enters one out of many a champion.” The Poultry and Kennel Club was thanked for its kindly assistance, and the donors for their patronage. It was added that the club, starting with a membership of 14, now numbered 48 within its ranks.

The report was unanimously adopted as was also the balance sheet, which showed a very satisfactory position for the club. Special reference was made to the labors of the secretary in the past, as reported in our personal column of yesterday, and the following officers elected for the ensuing term of office: Patron Mt. W. Perry; president, the Mayor of Adelaide; vice presidents, Hon. E. Klauer, M.L.C., Messrs. J. Lord and G. W. Gray; chairman, Mr B. S. Penny, treasurer Mr T. C. Pierce. Committee Messrs. Osborne, King, Law, Ritchie, H. Shaw, T. A. Shaw, Hill and Viney; auditors Messrs. J. Cooney and P. A. Smith; hon. veterinary surgeon, Mr. W. R. B. Wakeham. (Daily Herald Wed 14 December 1910)